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Penrhyn Voyer

We excel at providing executive and key personnel search services, in accordance with prestigious international standards.

We meet our clients' requirements across a wide variety of technologies, industries and services in all the different locations where they conduct their operations.

Some of the main services we provide are:

Executive Search   Coaching for Performance Excellence

Penrhyn Voyer provides executive search services to businesses and organizations which need to attract and hire leaders who will take on major responsibility for the achievement of their corporate goals.

Executive Search is a crucial task, whether the process be carried out in-company or outsourced. Selecting the right person for a certain position will result in better performance and higher morale for the company involved.


“Penrhyn Voyer Coaching for Excellence” -   C4E ® - process 
is the one that enables Executives as well as Corporations to achieve their full potential
C4E ® , means
• Set appropriate goals contributing to developing personal competencies in the Cochee
• Identify solutions and actions for Individuals lasting change, through strategic thinking plus Q & A
• Encourage a commitment to action and development in the Coachee, through one-to-one working sessions
• Maintain unconditional positive, supportive and non-judgemental relationship

Career Advisor & Talent Assessment   Coaching for Performance Excellence

The tools applied by Penrhyn Voyer have been designed and developed by our Team of Psychologists. Our processes are conducted within strict ethical standards which guarantee absolute respect towards individuals and their privacy rights.

Assessment of key factors and levels of development achieved are essential aspects to ensure that the candidates we submit will perform successfully.

We provide, as well, Human Capital assessment services for processes such as:s
• Mergers and Acquisitions
• Career Planning
• High performance team formation
• Potential assessment

Penrhyn Voyer also offers its clients the chance to adjust assessment tools to those competences inherent in their businesses.


PenhynVoyer can assist you in:
1.     Business alignment
2.     B.S.C. – Key Indicators & Excellence Measurement
3.     HR Six Sigma methodology

Coaching for Performance Excellence

An organization’s ability to place the right Person in the right Position/Role is Key.

Penrhyn Voyer as expert Adviser is highly qualified to assist Your Organization with the complex mission of guarantee the proper & efficient succession planning.


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