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Penrhyn Voyer provides executive search services to businesses and organizations which need to attract and hire leaders who will take on major responsibility for the achievement of their corporate goals.

Executive Search is a crucial task, whether the process be carried out in-company or outsourced. Selecting the right person for a certain position will result in better performance and higher morale for the company involved.

Few are the high-level executives who -in addition to their core duties- can spare the time to take on the task of screening a large number of people to find the most suitable candidate.

Large companies with Human Resources departments find it more and more convenient to outsource their Executive Search needs so as to be able to access a large number of candidates who only apply through consulting firms and do not respond to job ads.

Our clients' requirements are defined according to the conditions and profiles needed at the time the search is requested.

We apply a thorough methodology to guarantee a successful search and selection process that will be based on shared goals and parameters.

Our process focuses mainly on the following steps:

• Meeting with the client at their office / premises to obtain all necessary information on the company, its processes and the position(s) to be filled.

• Agreement with the client on the ideal profile for the position(s) (job specifications).

• Interviews with all candidates and assessment of profiles and competencies.

• Evaluation of potential candidates' references.

• Assessment and qualification of potential candidates for the position and presentation of shortlisted candidates to the client company or organization.

• Selection of the finalist candidate by the client. Penrhyn Voyer will issue and submit a report in writing with the finalist's work references.

• Finalist's acceptance of the job offer in writing, by signing a Work Offer Letter and submitting it to the client with a copy to Penrhyn Voyer.

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