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Penrhyn Voyer provides a specialized Interim Management service designed to help our clients implement rapid solutions for different processes such as: control takeover during mergers or acquisitions, implementation of new strategies, vacancy filling in the face of unexpected events, approach to a new market, buyout process management, implementation of a specific project requiring specialization, start-up, expansion or relocation of facilities

To those ends we offer Experienced Leaders who will facilitate and speed up the changes.

Interim Executives (I.E.) is directed by an Operating Committee composed of Senior Executives with a proven track record as Presidents of Regional or Multinational companies.

Understanding our clients' needs, getting an insight into their operations and sharing their strategic vision enable us to effectively put into practice an action plan on the basis of Interim Managers or Implementation Teams.

Interim Managers are highly qualified executives who have held top hierarchical positions in different industry segments. They come from a variety of fields and have a proven track record of successful performance and achievements.

The fact that they are more than qualified for the functions they will perform temporarily is a mark of distinction on their profiles.
Implementation Teams. They are composed of equally highly skilled and experienced executives.

They are prepared to work as teams, develop action plans jointly with clients, take operative responsibility for implementing and achieving the goals set in a timely manner and at high quality standards.

This is a practical solution for highly complex processes, such as mergers, acquisitions, buyouts or new business developments, among others.

Our Interim Executives Solution is the best resource when it comes to implementing projects or successfully managing processes in situations such as:

• Loss of resources to implement a project efficaciously and "on time".

• Payroll/Labor costs restrictions.

• Need to hire temporary resources without incurring labor/legal risks.

• Impossibility to increase fixed or overhead costs.

• Need for additional support to tap a business opportunity.

• Need to improve business performance.

When the need exists for a Strategic Planning Process, I.E. works in cooperation with Consultants and Professors from I.A.E., one of the most prestigious Business Schools in the world. This network helps organizations define and put into practice their business strategies focusing on the development of sustainable competitive advantages. You can find I.A.E. Consultants' and Professors' resumes at, Academic Areas, Organizational Behavior, Professors. 

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